Welcome to Korea Bio-Gen’s Website.

Korea Bio-Gen has produced and supplied a wide range of fine chemicals since established in 2001. The products developed by our own technology include food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, silicone chemicals, polymerization inhibitors for petrochemicals, hybrid polymers, catalysts, etc. They have greatly contributed to a lot of industries including electricity & electronics, automobile and so on as well as chemical related industries of food & pharmaceutical, petrochemicals, etc.

Korea Bio-Gen, starting with biochemicals such as food additives, has focused on silicone chemicals, which plays an important role in the industry of electricity & electronics, automobile, construction industries. Now, Korea Bio-Gen is taking one step further from silicone basic materials, focusing our competency on achieving meaningful results in ‘silicone chemicals for electronic vehicles’.

Korea Bio-Gen will put our best effort as always, in order to become a company that keeps the law and considers the value of customers as the foremost priority.

Korea Bio-Gen Co., Ltd.
CEO Tai Woong Boo